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Are Sex Offender Records Public in Marion County, Arkansas?

Yes, Sex Offender records are public in Marion County, Arkansas, according to the Public Record Act. This means that members of the public have the right to access and view information related to registered sex offenders in the county. The purpose of making these records public is to promote transparency and ensure the safety of the community.

By allowing the public to access Sex Offender records, Marion County aims to provide residents with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their safety and the safety of their families. This information can be particularly valuable when individuals are considering moving to a new neighborhood or when parents want to ensure the safety of their children.

How to Find Sex Offender Records in Marion County, Arkansas in 2024

To obtain Sex Offender records in Marion County, Arkansas in 2024, you can visit the official website of the Marion County Sheriff's Office. The website provides a dedicated section where you can search for registered sex offenders by name, address, or zip code. This online search tool allows you to access the most up-to-date information about sex offenders in the county.

Alternatively, you can also visit the Marion County Sheriff's Office in person and request access to Sex Offender records. The office is open during regular business hours, and the staff will assist you in locating the information you need.

Police Department in Marion County, Arkansas

  • Marion County Sheriff's Office: 491 Highway 62 W, Yellville, AR 72687, (870) 449-4236

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