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Are Police Records Public in Washington County, Arkansas?

Yes, police records are public in Washington County, Arkansas. According to the Public Record Act, these records are made available to the general public for transparency and accountability purposes. This means that any individual has the right to access and obtain police records, including incident reports, arrest records, and other related documents.

How to Find Police Records in Washington County, Arkansas in 2024

To obtain police records in Washington County, Arkansas, there are several methods available. One way is to visit the official website of the Fayetteville Police Department, which provides a comprehensive range of services and resources. The website offers a warrant search feature, allowing individuals to check for any active warrants issued within the county. Additionally, the website provides a platform to pay for tickets or permits online, making it convenient for residents to handle their administrative matters.

Another online resource for accessing police records is This website provides a user-friendly interface where individuals can view interactive maps and search for crime incidents in their area. By entering the desired location, users can retrieve information about recent criminal activity, allowing them to stay informed and aware of their surroundings.

For specific incident reports or crash reports, individuals can utilize the CrashDocs website. This platform enables users to request and obtain copies of accident reports online. By providing the necessary details, such as the date, location, and involved parties, individuals can easily access the desired reports.

Police Department in Washington County, Arkansas

The primary police department serving Washington County, Arkansas, is the Fayetteville Police Department. Here is their contact information:

  • Fayetteville Police Department: 100 W. Rock St., Fayetteville, AR 72701 | Phone: (479) 587-3555

In addition to the Fayetteville Police Department, there are other law enforcement agencies operating in Washington County. However, for the purpose of this web page material, we will only highlight the police department located in Washington County, Arkansas.

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It is important to remember that while police records are public, certain information may be redacted or restricted due to privacy concerns or ongoing investigations. It is always recommended to follow the proper procedures and guidelines when requesting or obtaining police records to ensure compliance with the law.